FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the procedure for parking and transfer?
With your booking confirmation, you will also receive directions from us, with a time when we expect you. We create a takeover protocol for your vehicle and then transfer to the departure area of ​​the airport terminal.
On your return journey, please contact us shortly after receiving your luggage. You are expected individually by our shuttle buses.

Is it possible to book early, even though I do not know my flight details yet?
Yes, you are welcome to book early. In this case, please enter a "?" In the appropriate fields on our booking form.
As soon as you know the details, let us know as soon as possible.

How much time should I plan for the transfer to the airport upon arrival?
Please plan your arrival so that you arrive about 2 ½ hours before departure. Upon your arrival, we will create a short takeover protocol for your vehicle, after transferring the luggage into the shuttle bus we will take you directly to the departure area of ​​the airport terminals.

Do I have to leave my car key with you?
We need your car key as we park the vehicles in a space-saving way and it may be necessary to move vehicles within the area to park any parked vehicles.

What happens if damage occurs?
As a serious provider, we naturally have a public liability insurance.
What if my travel dates change at short notice?
Please inform us shortly. We will gladly send you an updated booking confirmation.

What happens if I can not start my journey or if the departure point changes?
Please inform us in this case early. We will cancel your booking 14 days before arrival for free.

I travel with bulky luggage (stroller, surfboard, bike, ...). What should be considered here?
Please give us a short message so that we can prepare for your arrival.

What is valet parking?
Valet parking is a convenient way to get to the airport terminal. Our service staff will take care of your vehicle directly on site and park it on our monitored parking spaces. On your return journey, we also expect you directly at the airport terminal.